How easy is it to buy?

Buying your new car is easy - simply register onto the Vauxhall Partners programme, then once verified, choose the vehicle offer that suits you and visit any Vauxhall Retailer to receive the appropriate discount on the vehicle of your choice.

How can your family buy?
You have to officially nominate an eligible family member. Once you are registered as a Vauxhall Partner you can then nominate relatives

What happens next?

Once the nomination has been verified, the nominee can then visit any Vauxhall Retailer and receive the appropriate discount on the vehicle of their choice. A Retailer may contact the registered or nominated party to see if they can offer any further assitance.​

Share the benefits with family members.
Whether you are a GM employee/GM pensioner or deferred pensioner, the employee of a GM retail facility or the employee of an associate company you can nominate your family members to receive big savings on the Vauxhall of their choice. Between you, you can purchase up to six vehicles in any 12-month period. A full list of eligible members is featured below. But remember, you've all got to be registered first.


Employees of eligible* GM UK companies, and agency personnel engaged on a GM contract, can nominate two friends per year to purchase a new Vauxhall at the discounted Associate Partners rate. That friend must not currently drive a Vauxhall.

Employees and Retailers
Partners or spouse,Parents and step-parents,Brothers and sisters.Step-brothers and step-sisters,Children and step-children,Grandparents and grandchildren Aunts and uncles.Nieces, nephews and cousins.Sons-in-law and daughters-in-law.Brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.Mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law


Partners or spouse,Parents and step-parents.Brothers and sisters.Step-brothers and step-sisters.Children and step-children

Partners Offers

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